Monday, February 2, 2009

the friendly space saver_on winchester @ cullom, chicago

the friendly space saver_on winchester @ cullom, chicago
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Where DOES the time go?

I figured I'd better put these up now, since I'm procrastinating printing out shipping labels and the like - I even popped in on Facebook to befriend high school people I haven't thought of or seen in years - Luckily our high school was bulldozed for condos so I have no dreaded reunion obligations to deal with :)

Don't get me wrong, high school was, for me, not such a bad experience - Just really awkward :) I hung out with geeky boys from the boys school, played video games, and ate 2 Big Macs after school. See? Awkward :)

These here are 3 space savers we've seen around the neighborhood that actually have some thought put into them - I hesitate to say artistic merit - But they are a part of our urban landscape; site installations would be almost right :)

- The Friendly Space Saver seen at Cullom & Winchester:

- The Monochromatic Space Saver at Damen & Montrose:

- The Tank Trap Space Saver at Damen & Cullom:

And here's an image of what we call The Average Joe Space Saver, down the road a piece from the Tank Trap:

And now that the Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, I'm sure we'll see a few choice Space Savers over the next few weeks :P


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