Saturday, September 1, 2007


We are coming up on our one year Etsy anniversary (yay!) and would like to take a little time and write about the item that spurred us into the online foray-the [tab].

(andy) From my point of view, I was dabbling with air-release molds and trying to overcome problems with a simple diy press setup. The tab project was an experiment using steel rings for die cases (previously wooden or plastic) that incorporated guide pins to keep the two halves aligned. I also started using photopolymer plates so our name would be raised in clay instead of stamped in underglaze.

(nancy) I just like to collect things! I love knick-knacky things; re-purposing things (especially tree ornaments & jewelry) for year round usage - I've even been known to buy jewelry for the sole purpose of decorating my art alter. The [tab] seemed like such a self-explanatory decorative object to me - We never gave it the 'purpose' that so many people seemed to want to give it - We just let it be. It's become an enjoyable activity for us to ask patrons what they intend to use them for (especially when they purchase 5 or more), and if they send us pictures that's even better! People are very inventive when they're inspired.

(andy) One of the coolest take over ideas for the tab was presented to us by a photographer (200pockets) that wanted her logo/avatar (a black camera with an orange background) made into a tab. She wears it as a badge while she shoots bands during their gigs-it has become a kind of brand recognition device for her as the online world contacts the outside world. She is now after us to put our van on a tab-we would have never thought of that-Thanks Bridget!

So, for one day only, September 3rd, our Etsy Anniversary Special: We're giving away a [tab] with every purchase - Your choice :) We'll have the details up in our shop.

Thanks to everyone who's been a customer, a supporter, and a hearter :D Here's to another year!!!


Nancy + Andy


Katie said...

Happy Etsy-versary! I've admired your work for quite awhile. How fun to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action... now I'm in even more awe. =^.^=

Cynthia said...

Happy Anniversary - I've admired your tabs myself and would most likely pick one out to put on my wall of ceramic curiousities!

I've been toying with the idea of making a DIY press a la Frank Giorgini's book Handmade Tiles.

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks katie-I hope to add more b-t-s posts-maybe a "tools of the trade" spotlight kinda thing too.
And Cynthia-
Forget the Giorgini tile press-it's too labor intensive and awkward compared to an air-release set-up. Check out Pressing Ceramics with Air Release by Reid Harvey for more info.
Good Luck and email me if you have any questions.