Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Slowly but surely.

special order for pwhoag
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We didn't mean to leave anyone hanging! This month has been a, well, back breaker :)

We did 3 art & craft festivals/fairs back to back - And it has definitely not only taken it's toll on us physically, but also in our inventory - We are sorely lacking in tiles, cups and magnets. Good thing to complain about, but our momentum is off a bit at this time with custom orders looming upon us - We'll be lucky if we're ready for our open studio in October :)

And did I mention Renegade was awesomely fantabulous? Met tons of people, got to hang out with Lauren & Julie (truly lovely people from Etsy - here, they wrote about their studio visit with us: ) and get some much needed feedback (all good!) from the spectators.

I digress.
What we have shown here is a group of tiles (already on their way to Michigan) that we finally completed on Monday, no thanks to some weird-ass overglaze flaws. This customer was quite patient, and had initially ordered 3 tiles about a month ago; but after seeing some new images on Flickr from the Bucktown ArtsFest of our newly screened Rolleiflex camera, he added that one in too, the sweetie!

So now we're wondering what we're going to do in preparation for the online entertaining and gift-giving seasons. I 've added a short statement about time allowance at the very top of our profile on Etsy, and our web-guru/friend Patrick also reminded us to get something like that up on our regular website. I guess it's a matter of really plotting out plans of attack! With the making of the pieces, the drying, and all of the firings, we're going to need a rather large calendar :D

Next time we post, I think Andy will write about the new slip mixer due to arrive this Friday; we purchased it to aid in the reclaiming and mixing of casting slip. Making all the ware in porcelain has Andy quite busy, and if we want to have the cylinder, large bowl, and itty bitty cylinder in time for open studio, he had to do all this prep work now!

Oh, and did I mention we're in on the PoppyTalk Handmade?
Oh heck yeah, go here, it's pretty awesome:

Jan's been fantastic, and I'm more than certain that the artists that are participating in the first one are totally syked! I know we are :)



Cynthia said...

Congrats on your Storque mention among others - that's wonderful!

I'm behind on a few orders myself...

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Cynthia! Thanks :)

Andy & I actually had weird work related dreams about orders and angry customers!

We're taking next Saturday (the first one in October) off - It's been so long, it's kinda embarrassing :D