Monday, October 29, 2007

wmse 12oz prototype

wmse 12oz prototype
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So they got this cup today (well, not this one exactly, the better looking one) and we've started the tweaking part of the project. There are always design elements that just don't make it through when using a Print Gocco screen the way we use it, with our overglazes.

Luckily the logo designer contacted us directly (thanks Tom!) so now we begin the back and forth path to a better looking decal :)

On a huge side note, Andy & I totally freaked early this morning (1:15 am to be precise) as we were getting ready to leave here because our dog, Ava, wasn't acting normally - She'd lost control of her bladder and her sense of balance so she was walking a bit 'drunkenly'.

We rushed her to an (thank goodness) overnight Emergency Pet Hospital about 7 minutes from here, and they X-Rayed her, and took samples of stuff.

Good news is she's fine, but she may have problems with crystals in her urine and her bladder...The vet gave her some UTI pills explaining to us the entire time that it's more of a precautionary step.
Eek! More stuff to wig me out. She's been acting normal again, so that's quite a relief! It's kinda like she had a mind belch and forgot where she was and what she was doing - Very, very strange behaviour.


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