Friday, November 9, 2007

wmse group

wmse group all 5!
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Quickie post -

We sent this image over to Tom Crawford so he could see all 5 images, and we got a huge enthusiastic "holy shit - these rock!"

Makes us proud :)

We have a show tomorrow (Saturday), so we're starting the packing - Thankfully it's on for 6 hours, with setup time that starts at 7am - So open from 9-3. Very cool!
We'll be coming back here to work though - DIY Trunk Show is next Saturday - EEEP!



Natalie said...

Awesome, you'll be at the trunk show! I'll be wandering around for a bit, but my friends at Cafe Le Baron will be selling my cupcakes at their table! See you there!

[nancy + andy] said...

Looking forward to getting destroyed by your world famous cupcakes!

Derek said...

I picked up one of these during the pledge drive - they are indeed awesome.

Quick question - are they dishwasher safe?

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks derek!
Yes, dishwasher and microwave safe-Enjoy.