Tuesday, December 18, 2007


the merchandise mart - pretty!
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Thanks to everyone that came out to the One of a Kind Show and for all the people that purchased from our Etsy shop. Although we didn't get all the pieces finished that we wanted to (do we ever?) we did manage to come out with some great new work.
We were also amazed by all the people stopping by our booth that first met us at an indie show or referenced Etsy. A year ago only a handful of people mentioned the Renegade Craft Fair (the winter market was taking place the same weekend) and even less knew about Etsy. An example of just how much things have changed in a year, a customer from the show looked us up on Etsy and then called us wondering if it would be possible to purchase an item from our online shop to be picked up at our studio-he even gave us the instructions on how he could do it. Within 2 days he was happy, ready for an ornament party, and even left us feedback!
Finally, for the past few months we've been waiting for the release of a New York Times article about the handmade movement. Over the summer we did a half hour interview with Rob Walker and he even stopped by our booth while checking out the Renegade Craft Fair. We think it is some of the best writing that has been done on this subject.

As Nancy likes to do {{{hugs!}}}...

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Laura said...

I just read the New York Times article and am so, so, so proud of you guys!! Making us Chicago crafters look so good. You're really inspiring me to get myself in gear for Etsy and the upcoming year. I hope to stop by your studio open house this weekend, now that I'm taking yoga at Om!

Laura K.