Tuesday, February 12, 2008


[image "how people get parking spaces" by mjkmjk on Flickr]

Here we are on the verge of another snowstorm, this time it should be rather small at only 6 inches of accumulation. However, unlike our previous snowfalls which fell on bare ground this one will be building on a rock solid foundation of ice.

Oh it's been so bitterly cold.

The last time it was this cold was back in January when we went to the Etsy Chicago Style Crafters meet up. It was at that meeting when a challenge was thrown down: make something that sums up, embodies, reminds, or has something to do with the Chicago Winter.

It took us a while, we pushed it to the back of our minds and hoped it would simmer, and then while driving through the neighborhood after the last snowstorm, we spotted it: The Space Saver.

When the city buries your car in a bank of snow and you spent the last 2 hours trying to clear it away you need to plant something in that spot to claim it as yours. Although my favorite is the mop and milk crate (nobody is going to touch that dirty mop) I just can't pass up the irony of the summer lawn chair sitting in the frozen road between two snow covered unmovable cars.

So here it is, our entry for the teams winter challenge:


Laura said...

Oh, that is just THE BEST! Quintessentially (sp?) Chicago. I'm not a person prone to anger, but I still seeth when I recall the winter of '99 and I returned home to find that someone had moved my cinderblocks and lumber and took my 3-hours-of-shovelling parking space. GAH!

Cynthia said...

Great idea - and I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure Chicago has a worse winter than Denver, but I sure am longing for spring right now. I promise not to complain when it's so hot that the sweat is trickling down my back non-stop this coming summer.

[nancy + andy] said...

Oh the winter storm of '99 - At the time we were living in New Mexico and happened to be in Chicago for the holidays. Luckily we parked in an area that blew all the snow to the other side of the street but it still took us another 2 days before we could leave the city.
That was the creepiest drive back - in one strip of highway there must have been over 200 cars that went off the road.

And Cynthia, I'm not so sure about where winter is worse - in Albuquerque it seemed to last only about a week but boy was that one long week!

Emily Murphy said...

A great inside joke for us Chicagoans! Maybe something that we can only truly laugh at when the snow has melted and become a distant memory.
I'm just up the street from you guys at Lillstreet. If you're ever there, please stop by and say "hi." I'm on the 2nd floor (studio 205 west). I'll be sure to seek you out at one of your summer fairs and say hello. Thanks for blogging!

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Emily!
Yeah you're crazy close, and since you posted a picture of your car we have a contest to see which one of us spots it the most!(i'm ahead by 3).
We'll be stopping by someday soon, and thank you for maintaining such a great blog (Nancy fell off her seat when she saw the Sesame Street post!)