Friday, March 14, 2008

And the saga continues...

It's my turn to write the last chapter of our 'Baltimore or Bust' blog post, but before I do that, I wanted to pass along some links to other chroniclers who have been writing of their experiences and observations of this chunk of the indie/diy scene. These have been popping up, and I read them - Many of them have been good overviews, talking about how refreshing the New Wave & the Searchlight sections were, others, not so much - Here is a small selection:

- From November of last year, when the New Wave of Craft section was being flashed around, written in the blog of Cindy Edelstein.

- This year, from Rania Hassan, an artist who wrote of her visit to the ACC show for the Crafty Bastards blog.

- Rob Walker, who wrote Handmade 2.0 for the NY Times Magazine, has been writing about some of the activity on his blog Murketing, here and here.

- Came across a blog post from a Annie of Imogene here talking about a recent SNAG conference she attended - And somehow, this is the blog entry that has sparked the most discussion - I myself have commented twice - It somehow came round to discussing the recent ACC Baltimore show, and the love/hate relationship between old skool & n00b crafters.

Excellent, stimulating discussions & observations - Which are fueling me to finish up our last chapter :)

Please, take the time to read the above blog posts, or at least mark'em for later reading!



Hay-now said...

Hello…I was the co-presenter at the SNAG conference with Bruce Metcalf. Just thought I’d let you know that I posted a bit on this whole topic on our site including a bit of the back-story about how this all came to be (Bruce’s and my talk) and a very interesting response to all of this from Garth Johnson from Check it out if you have a moment:

Oh yeah, we just updated our whole site to reflect the current issue of American Craft that just came out and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself! Enjoy!


Still DYing to hear about home town.

anonymous julie said...

While most of it read well enough, I did not love this part of the quote from Mary Fichter of the ACC: "We hope to expose them to more advanced work and thus perhaps inspire them to take the next step in their careers."

Something smells like the assumptions that 1) artists such as yourselves haven't been exposed to 'more advanced' work and that 2) once you have, you'll want nothing more than to do work like that. The world's quite a place...