Monday, June 23, 2008

and so starts the season.

wells street 2008 booth1
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Apologies to those of you who come by to check in on us!

It's been busy, which I am not going to complain about, but it does leave us with priority shifting ("this week, all I can do is list on Etsy - Do not go anywhere else woman!")

Wells Street went well despite the weather reports; Sunday being Father's Day and with the threat of severe weather in the afternoon left the festival with ample walking room for those who decided to chance it.

Next festival is Fountain Square, in Evanston - A relatively casual event with a Friday evening set up that we eagerly show up to in our work clothes - No clean outfits necessary! We bring in the canopy, our shelves, tables, and get the general layout ready - Saturday we come in with our ware and work on the display.

At the moment, we're preparing for Madison's Art Fair on the Square.

Counting this week, we have 2 weeks to get the ware ready for decals (we may stamp our name onto some of the pieces, but more than likely we'll decal that as well). It takes one 12 hour day to apply image decals to about 40 tea cups - So I'll be going at it for a good while :)
We have a few new ideas we'd like to screen, but we'll see what time permits...And this doesn't take into account any of the action that happens before I get the pieces to decal. Dear Andy is trying to balance wholesale work with festival work - And to boot, this morning we came in to find one of the large kilns has a bad relay, so it never reached temperature (Andy was actually growling, which was interesting!).

I've been writing back and forth with another ceramist that I've been, well, stalking, on Etsy (I love her work very much and am looking forward to meeting her! Eeep!) Her Etsy shop name's JDWolfePottery - These are some of her beautiful bowls:She'll also be at Art Fair on the Square. We write about general freaking out about not having enough work. It's nice to be able to commiserate about that with another ceramist! Only they can understand what that really means :)

Allrighty, off for me - One of us will write in again soon about all the other tidbits of info, like who is now carrying our work, and how our projects are going (we just got the go ahead for 60 cupping bowls for 49th Parallel Coffee Roaster's up in Vancouver BC - Very cool!)

- Nancy

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JDWolfe said...


Haha. What am I doing here! Must get to studio!

Glad Wells Street went well. Love the look of your double booth. I have never had one all to myself. Looking forward to all the roominess I will have in my first on the square (well, until the customers pack in!)