Monday, September 22, 2008

just because I can, post.

large bowl honeybee with pear on the side
Originally uploaded by circaceramics

So I finally got around to listing a couple of large bowls on Etsy, and I have to say, it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, including adding objects for scale - Which is good, because I cannot bare disrupting the image with a coin, or a ruler - I often cringe when I have to add pencils, or even the fruit you see here (fabulous fake fruit!)

Photographing these larger pieces can be a chore, especially because our sweep is only so long and wide, and often times my lighting is way off (thank you dearly Photoshop).

Anyway, I'm trying to list as much as I can now, because cleaning the studio usually knocks me offline for a few days - Especially since I plan on cleaning out the computers as well, hardware and software-wise :)
Get that Shop Vac ready! (I am so totally serious about that btw, that's how we cleaned out our oldest computer, a Sony - It's 6 years old! We're careful though :) )

So soon, I'll be posting before images of our space in all of it's icky glory - We're planning on adding a few new areas to display our collection of work from fellow Etsyans and other local artists; it's something we've been meaning to work on for awhile now - It's one of those 'when we get a chance' projects. And it all depends on whether or not I get certain areas cleared and cleaned off.

And Friday, Amy, Andy & I are running over to a place called Angel Sales just down the street to have a quickie informative meeting with the Art Walk Ravenswood people, to pick up posters, maps, and our chairs, which we're to decorate and use as "stop here!" markers outside our building for the trolley...I still haven't figured out what we're going to do with our chair. Maybe we'll glue all the tabs and magnets that aren't quite right onto it - Of course, it would be too heavy to move once we were done with it :) Dilemma, dilemma!



Chicago Scooter Club said...

We have posted you on our site.

Your Vespa cup is wonderful!

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks for that! Glad you like it :)