Monday, February 9, 2009


Oh boy.

We usually dread this time of year: It's like you're applying for a job but you pay them to take a look at you. And you pay a lot.

You may or may not get the job, and the really sucky thing about it here is, you don't usually get a chance to apply for another, because by the time you find out you didn't get the 1st job, the deadlines have all passed for your 2nd & 3rd choice jobs.

Let me reiterate: We DREAD this time of year.

But, there's also something really exciting about a fresh new year of events to show your work at - New faces, hopefully new work from you - So it's not too horrible :)

Below is our dream list of art/craft fairs/festivals. If you're reading this and you've come to some of our shows in the past, you'll see that we have, yet again, trimmed the fat (so to speak) - There are a few events we'll be taking a break from this year, a few we believe we've exhausted (hey, it happens - It's like eating too much of your favorite ice cream), and a couple of new ones. We've already submitted our images & app for jury to 57th Street Art Fair in Hyde Park, and it (the application deadlines) snowballs from there.

Wish us luck!

[dream list below]


cc spring open studio
dates tba


6+7 = 57th street art fair
13+14 = wells street
27+28 = fountain square


11+12 = art fair on the square


1+2 = market days
1+2 = evanston lakeshore art festival
8+9 = morning glory craft fair
29+30 = bucktown artsfest


12+13 = renegade craft fair
13 = starving artists' show
26+27 = lakeview east festival of the arts



Cynthia said...

I can't imagine that you wouldn't be offered your first choice "jobs"! ;)

Good luck!

[nancy + andy] said...

Thank you Cynthia!

I hope you're right :)


Erica said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Art Fair on the Square. But hope you get all the "jobs" you want!

[nancy + andy] said...

We are too Erica - That was SUCH a great show! We'll be bereft if we don't get in this year!

On a good note for us (or maybe a sign of the economy), two of our June shows have extended their deadlines for applications - Wells St. & Fountain Square. It may be because they went to an online application, but who knows...Anyway, good for us because now I can re-do the images I was going to submit!


JDWolfe said...

I am putting all my eggs in the Art Fair on the Square basket again this year. *crosses fingers for both of us*

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Good look for your shows. Love your shelves. Did you make them yourself?

[nancy + andy] said...

We did make the shelves ourselves (I bounced my ideas off Nancy for about 3 years until she finally told me to just build them!).
I would like to build them over but they are still a long way away from wearing out.
Thanks for the compliment!