Monday, April 6, 2009

The Last Gocco Screen.

3.19.09 - The Last Gocco Screen
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We flashed our last Gocco screen on March 19, and that marked for us the end of a 5 year era. We'll be going back to a more usual screenprinting method using the ol' Diazo kit available at Utrecht (or Pearl, or Dick Blick - Whoever has it in stock, really).

For those of you asking, "But why quit the Gocco?", it's all about the finances here, and the fact Gocco supplies have, ahem, gone up *quite* a lot since the announcement that the bulbs were no longer going to be manufactured, and then that supplies were going to cease being shipped to the US. Another reason is the hit or miss nature of flashing screens - For the past year we've been purchasing an extra box of bulbs just to cover all the dud bulbs we were getting! When you invest in a piece of equipment you expect a certain level of performance and sadly this kept going down.

Old screens? Maybe. Old bulbs? Maybe. The operator? Maybe. But after trying all tips-n-tricks (and coming up with a few of our own), you start to acknowledge that fact that you are ok, the tools are not.

So, we're getting our screenprinting setup ready (again), trying meshes out (it really IS like riding a bike) and getting ready to start up screening (again).

Nothing like switching methods right at the start of our production period, in preparation for fair & festival season - Keeps things lively!

And speaking of which, we have an idea of what part of our year is looking like:

Itinerary, part II (Updated 4.28.09)

nope - no open studio! we don't have the inventory, plus our super-secret new shape won't be ready - so we softly canceled it.

6+7 = 57th street art fair (we just heard on Sunday about this one so we're off the waitlist - Yippee!)
13+14 = wells street
27+28 = fountain square

11+12 = art fair on the square
We're waitlisted for this one (WAH!) so we'll see.

1+2 = market days
29+30 = bucktown artsfest

12+13 = renegade craft fair (TBA - The apps don't go up till June for this one)
13 = starving artists' show (we just heard - Hooray!)

So there :)



jeanette said...

Best of luck with the transition!

Cindy said...

I am giving up on my gocco as well. My friend Dana send me this:

Looks like a good gocco replacement?!

Also, I am going to be your neighbors on Ravenswood! My friend and I are renting the space right next door. :D

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks Jeanette - the transition is going better than we anticipated.

Hey Cindy, we were really excited to see the space was yours when they put your name up on the door!
We looked at the yududu too and I think it will end up costing too much for the results it will yield. Oh, and we will be more like roommates than neighbors - the walls are paper thin. Looking forward to meeting you both!

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks Jeanette! So far, so good - We need to make a more sincere effort with our exposure setup (meaning build one, and stop using this, um, contraption - No offense Andy! :) ) We're using the Ulano Diazo kit (FX88SR) - It works great, and we are pleased!

Well hello Cindy, new neighbor :)

We're making tiles next week, so there will be compressor sounds - Do not fear, we only do it for about 4 hours every 2 weeks or so :)

Eh, the Yudu is interesting; Andy & I looked at it, watched the demo - I think it's really going to be a go-to for people who can't or are not able to handle a screenprinting setup due to time, space, like that. I also say this because I'll admit, we sat here saying "oh, we could build that!" :)


Jacqui Dodds said...

I am glad that you have made the decision not to go with gocco anymore. I am also sad that your process cannot be made with gocco. I was just sat here wondering whether to pay an extortionate amount of money for screens and bulbs - and it really is just mad! Thanks also for writing about the dud bulbs, the last couple of times I tried to make a master one bulb did not fire properly and made the screens useless also = more money. I kept thinking it was me. Look forward to seeing your new processes.