Thursday, September 10, 2009


Huge apologies for not keeping the blog up to date - We've been avoiding the longer posts and just using Facebook fan page updates & tweets to keep our activities visible. And even then, we're having a difficult time handling those outlets - We've been freakishly busy (hurray!!!), and the art/craft fairs have been great this year (thank you dear patrons!!!), thereby keeping us in the studio working away to replenish our inventory (especially our Chicago Flag cups - We're very sorry we ran out @ the Bucktown Arts Fest!) So, yeah, sometimes 140 characters or so can suffice :)

Amy & I went over to pick up our Ravenswood Art Walk paperwork, which included maps, postcards, and posters, and it hit me that dang, that's next month already - We're planning on working our tushes off for Strange Folk and our open studio (which is held the same weekend as the Ravenswood Art Walk. 2 birds w/one stone and all that), and then I realized, DANG, I haven't even sent an email out with events and such. Oh, the to do list keeps growing long & strong!

Anyway, Andy & I both have posts that will be published in October:
- Our experiences with a new kiln element supplier (so far very good)
-testing our newest pigments for new glaze colours (seriously a headache but we love making them just the same)
-a new cone 6 porcelain clay that Andy purchased to test (from Matt & Dave's Clays - It looks wonderfully creamy!)
My reviews of the events we've participated in, starting off with July and Coterie @ Pitchfork, through to Renegade Craft Fair/Starving Artists' Show which are this weekend (!)
- Our other newest experience/Etsy addition, the [that which is not] shop, where we have all of our smaller objects and odd projects
- The crazy awesome Etsy Chicago Meet Up that's tonight - Looking forward to it! We'll get to see people we haven't seen in awhile + meet new Etsyans. I've already charged up 2 sets of batteries for this, so watch out :)

So that's where we're at currently - And I do have a bunch of images to upload on Flickr, but I haven't had a chance to edit them - See? To do list :)

Talk to you soon!


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