Monday, March 3, 2008

[adult swim]

I must write about this because this is what marks my weekend's ending: Watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. And lately, I've been watching almost every show on there, except for Garth Marenghi's Darkplace - I just don't get that one.

So this past Sunday night, Andy & I were watching Squidbillies, and I learned about Truck Balls.
The episode was not about truck balls, but they were part of the story. And tonight as we were walking Ava around to Trader Joe's, we thought about ceramic balls. Hmm. Have these been made? Was this 'truck balls' reference real or made up? So we Googled it, and this is what we found: They're real, they're pricey, and they can be patriotic:I love Adult Swim :)
(this particular set of balls can be found here)


Carey B. said...

teehee--our dad has truck balls and so does our SISTER! LOL

bobby and i LOVE squidbillies!

[nancy + andy] said...

LOL!!! Omg Carey - Andy was trying to think of a female equivalent, like Bumper Bust! Hah!

Carey B. said...

oh-and brother-in-law has a silver set for his motorcycle...i think the family is "nuts" HA! (sorry, had to)

hmm...what about a "roof rack"???

[nancy + andy] said...


You are BAD!!!

malevolent-mimi said...

Ive seen a pair of silver balls on the back of a truck once, I thought it was hilarious atually! But I haven't really had time to watch tv. I miss CN =/

Enjoy it for me?

Melissa Sue said...

o goodness....
i saw on wigu there were balls w/ a support our troops ribbon on them.. how horrible.

and my favorite band ever, Split Lip Rayfield, does some of the music for squidbillies. Lerve.