Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh, the trip...Chapter one

Yes, catching up. Going to Baltimore was the worst drive ever. It was worse than when Nancy and I drove to New Mexico and broke down in Vega Texas. That trip was in sub-freezing temperatures too but at least we had a case of Grolsch beer (beugel style! Thanks Dad!).

Getting ready for a show is always crazy. Usually we are in overdrive two days before the event and working with minimal sleep until we check in at 6:00 am (then its non-stop for another 12 to 16 hours). Well, with the ACC show we were kind of lucky as our space was restricted to a small "New Wave Artists" section and we only had room for one of our four shelf displays. So really we didn't have much to prepare for except to finish the work to take with us and get the van ready for the road.
With our simple thoughts the plan was to start on Tuesday by closing up our Etsy shop, packing the van, and leaving early Wednesday morning with a Baltimore arrival before 10 pm. We could then take our time loading in and setting up on Thursday and have a nice smooth transition into the start of the show Friday morning.

Well, that all fell apart at noon on Tuesday when we got a convo from an Etsy Admin telling us they wanted to make us featured seller for the weekend. For a second we contemplated backing out of the Etsytunity (an opportunity you get from Etsy? Does that work? No?), asking ourselves if we can keep track of conversations and stay on top of the shop while working out of a hotel "business center". Then we contemplated backing out of the show (because it just may suck and it costs a lot of money to house and feed ourselves!). But eventually as the shock started to settle in we figured we had to do them both.

Coming up: What the hell is going on!


Laura said...

Yes, Etsytunity is a perfect word--very fitting. And I was so excited when I saw you listed as featured sellers, but immediately realized that you were out of town. Can't wait to hear the background story!

[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks Laura, I made Nancy laugh with the word mash-up so I decided to keep it in (although it has been getting super easy to make Nancy laugh).


can't wait to hear the rest.

Salmon Street Studio said...

Wow, you make fab ceramics AND new words?!