Saturday, March 29, 2008

miracles can still happen.

We're slowly getting our art festival application letters and emails in with 'Congrats - You're in!' - Mind you, we decided that this year, we'd cut back, giving us time to really produce for the big shows that we try to do every year and make the most of those - And so far, our schedule looks like this:

April: North Shore Unitarian Church-small but comfortable show, very well organized & attended!-(Deerfield)

May: Open Studio w/the ChicagoStyleCrafters Street Team - Date TBA

June: Wells Street Art Festival (Chicago)
Fountain Square Art Festival (Evanston)

July: Art Fair on the Square (Madison)

Come again? Did I say Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin?

Why, yes, yes I did.

Phew + HAAZAA! Signing into our email yesterday we found a congratulatory note from Katie Hunter informing us we'd juried into Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI! We tried about 4 or 5 years ago, with a much more painterly/Spanish influenced type of work, like this:

And now, this year, we applied with images I took for Etsy & Flickr :)

So I have to ask myself: Do I need to go get professional slides done anyway, after seeing that what I shot worked on what we consider one of the top ten most difficult shows to jury into on the circuit? I'll be honest, I posted those images on Zapp with complete descriptions about our diy/modded machinery and our Gocco screening, thinking for sure that they'll boot us out & not even give us a second glance - I always considered it a more conservative show - But now I'm gonna have to rethink my stance. And I guess I'll have to see if we'll jury in next year with new work :)

But what a relief! Our July's past have always bombed with shows - Last year we got lucky, got into Art vs. Craft and our July was saved :) We're hoping and crossing fingers (and I shall be lighting a candle of good vibes) that Faythe & Kim can book the show either before or after Art Fair on the Square - We really want to go back to it, and the CSC Street Team is planning a table there if they'll have us :)



YogaGoat Pottery said...

Your photos look great! By all means, do not pay anyone to take slides.
I was feeling iffy about my photos, until I got into Paradise City and Crafts at the Castle with them last year.
Congratulations on all your acceptance letters! I only wish I were closer to Chicago, so I could come see you guys in action.

[nancy + andy] said...

Thank you Amanda :)

We're still kinda freaked about the rest of the season - I really dislike having to wait to hear from one show to be able to apply to another! There's usually never enough time :/


Cinderelish said...


[nancy + andy] said...

Thanks Cindy!

JDWolfe said...

You are going to be at Art Fair on the Square? Meeeeeeeee toooooooo! See you there!

[nancy + andy] said...


We shall finally meet :)

I have a crush on your work Jen, just so you know :D


JDWolfe said...

Ha! Thanks, feeling is mutual!

Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio, Ltd said...

congrats on madison...i got the ixnay. the funny thing is years ago when i had a garage sale set up i used to get in! i was hanging my little paintings on paper clips...i shudder to think of it. : )

[nancy + andy] said...

Damn it Anne - I'm sorry :(
I'll tell you though, my fear at the moment is that our lucky streak will end, and Art vs. Craft will be the same weekend as Madison, and that we won't get into Renegade in September *shudder*

Julie said...

April sure has snuck up! Your photos look fine - thanks for all your help, thanks to you I now have my own setup. I found a roll of mylar with my architecture school stuff and it makes a great sweep.

I bet you'll do well - you have nice work! See you in a few weeks in Deerfield. :)

[nancy + andy] said...

Awesome Julie! You have to let us know when your shop is up :)


info said...

Congratulations on Madison, Nancy + Andy! Let's think about doing a Chicago artists dinner... I'll be there, too. There are some great restaurants up there! Your photos look great... keep at it! I needed a pro to take shots to get me into shows like this... that's all the validation you need.

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Thanks!
We'll look for you at the Info Booth.