Tuesday, April 1, 2008

this is why we love etsy.

The forums were a-buzz for awhile with gasps of 'what is Etsy doing?!?' and "How can they feature that?!?"

An Etsy Finds email sent out today, April 1 (hello!) was covered in watches. Big, nasty things. And links to where you could buy them. On Etsy! It was brilliant, and had us cackling due to the authentic nature of the email.
Then we found it in the Storque (Etsy's super-blog) and it just made our appreciation for the humour even more great!!!

Here are some more screenshots of the shop, taken unfortunately after the watches were removed - TOO FUNNY!


p.s. I forgot about the waffles :)


anonymous julie said...

I'm at work for another four hours and now all I want is to head to the Nugget for a waffle. Hmmm, maybe I'll get baklava from across the street, instead...

~sjts said...

Hi Andy and Nancy,

I really want some waffles right now!! Maybe I just want the ice cream! Thanks for the visit I left a comment for you on my blog.

But, hey...it has been almost two weeks since you posted, so what is this checking up on me stuff!!

Have a great weekend,