Thursday, September 25, 2008

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The owner of Elsa + Sam sent over this lovely compact book that her shop and some of our work was featured in - It came in the mail yesterday. Which made me realize something.

This is not something I like to complain about, because I know we're fortunate enough to even be able to complain about it: I don't like having to hunt around for press bits. I love when people send me images, links, whatever. We have Google alerts on all forms of our names, both personal & business, which helps tremendously when we get blogged - But there are times when we just can't get the info online, and those are frustrating times. This happens a lot with print media.

So yesterday we had the annual One of a Kind Show Artist's Advisory Board meeting, and Andy & I know most of the artists that are there, or at least know of them (you can see the artists work here at Orange Beautiful's blog post about the meeting). Our friend Carl Vogtmann comes walking in, and after some catching up, he mentions that he saw us in the paper.

"We were in the paper? Which paper? What about? Was I dressed?" So Carl couldn't remember which one, but it had something to do with Renegade, and Joan Ulrich, Sr. VP of Marketing for the Mart, started to do a search on it.

Not a thing came up. "We have all the papers - We'll see if anything comes up later" is what Joan says to me with a smile. I think she noticed my dismay at nothing coming up in a search.

And still today, I can't find anything. We called a supplier today, out in Northbrook, and even he made a comment to Andy about having heard of us, and oh yeah, it was in the paper.

"which paper?" Andy asked
"The Trib, I think - Or the Sun Times," the guy says.

Argh! So frustrating. So the library and some good ol' hard copies are in my plans for later this evening. Library stays open till 9pm :)


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