Friday, September 26, 2008

program cover for artwalkravenswood2008
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I cannot *believe* this is already next weekend!

Amy, Andy & I went over to pick up our chairs and promo material, maps, etc. Looking at this map, I have to say it is way more organized than in the past, and more studios are participating, which is really great to see :)

The chairs, in case you're wondering, are to be decorated by studios that are on the map - They're to mark you as a trolley/walking stop for visitors. We can do whatever we want with them in terms of decorating - But I was surprised to learn that they aren't to be auctioned off. Granted, the chairs need some repair, but it all seems minor, and once they're prettied up, especially by all the artists, I bet they'd fetch at least up to $50 each for an organization. Maybe next year.

Pre-cleaning studio shots & pre-decorated chair shots coming up!


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Cynthia said...

It's too bad the chairs aren't being auctioned off - do you get to keep them?

Glad to hear about the CC machine/insurance in post below.