Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh boy...

So, we're kinda of in the middle of our *no sleep for the wicked!* time of the year :)

We've got tons of stuff to write about, but no time at the moment; we will though after the One of a Kind Show here in Chicago - Or maybe during, it depends on how exhausted we are. This weekend we'll be in Milwaukee for Art vs. Craft on Saturday - See, exhausted!

DIY Trunk Show was really great sales-wise, the place was busy the entire day, and we met a ton of people, which is always an added bonus - You can see some images from the show here on Flickr. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like taking pictures (tired Nancy!)

Anyway, enjoy the images, if you're here in Chicago, an eblast with the One of a Kind Show free pass link will be out this week sometime if you're on our mailing list, and we'll be posting updates soon!


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