Sunday, January 4, 2009

recently read: apartment therapy: chicago 1.4.09

We came across this Apartment Therapy entry for today, in and out predictions for 2009, and though we had our chuckles, some of the reader comments were far more interesting and disturbing - Especially the China bashing. I think people forget that we pretty much invited and embraced lower priced goods, not just from China.

I have this fear that all these people who've developed a conscious are going to run to things like 10,000 Villages, Cost Plus, or the newest Ebay project, World of Good, rather than seeking out their local artisan, supplier, etc.

Read the post, then read the comments!


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TheDecoDetective said...

Apartment Therapy tends to get all kinds of comments. I love the blog, but I get a bit disillusioned by reading the comments' section.
The first and the last sites you mention are fairtrade and eco friendly sites, right? I agree that we all should support our local artisans! But people do shop on the Internet, and I would definitely prefer these sites to the shops that never check the conditions of the manufacturers' factories. I'm all for promoting sites with a social profile! But maybe more bloggers could feature a list of our local artisans and shops as well as Internet sites. It's something to consider for our local readers!