Monday, January 26, 2009

space savers abound!

I've been meaning to post this because I thought it was too funny to pass up - It has nothing to do with our work, except maybe indirectly, as it's something we absolutely enjoy talking about and making fun of.

Our alderman, Gene Schulter, has an eblast that goes out every week, more often if there's a storm/funky weather, etc. Mostly about going's on in the hood - And I full of glee when I saw the term 'space saver' being used in his email - I like it way better than 'street furniture', and it conveys the purpose of these installations perfectly! They have been really noticeable as of late, though - It seems like there are at least 3 on every block.

So, we're going to take pictures of the more creative space savers we've seen before they get dragged away by the city :) It is such an odd practice - Part of me can kinda understand why you'd want to save the space, all of the shoveling, you have this perfect, clean spot for your vehicle - But another part of me is like - "what the hell happened to being a good neighbor and just giving up the damn space when ya leave?" It's kinda like holding the door open for the person in front or behind you - You don't let it slam in their face. Simple manners and little bits of courtesy! [eor]



Emily Murphy said...

I got the same email from our alderman and I actually thought of you guys! I love the image of the space saver that you posted a while back (and reposted today) and have often thought of it while driving down the snow covered streets of Chicago. I totally agree on the pros and cons of to save or not to save. Personally, I have never saved.

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Emily!

Andy & I were actually talking about how spoiled we are - Our landlord has a big ol' concrete parking area in lieu of a backyard, so we always have a spot - We still have to clean it out, but it's our spot! We have had a few experiences with our landlords students parking in our space,but they usually move when we ask them to, or we just park in another vacant space. We took a few pictures of our favorite space savers, so I'll be posting those soon :)