Monday, November 16, 2009

ceramic & paper

ceramic & paper
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We're truly in the midst of our holiday season makings over here - Thank you patrons!

I did want to share this with you, though - They're for a wonderful show/event @ Ferrin Gallery out in Massachusetts. They were kind enough to ask us to participate, and also to wait on them.
If you're out in that area, check out the show! 100 plates by 100 artists/artisans, and also a charity dinner. Check it out here.



Leslie Ferrin said...

We are looking forward to putting your work up online and figuring out how to simulataneously open a show in the gallery and online at the same time. At least with your work, we might be able to sell something twice ... something to think about as we continue our conversation about art and design. Multiples - is that one of the lines that blurrs? In art it is an edition with a beginning and end. More, later - look forward to seeing your plates come in.

Emily Dyer said...

What a great concept! And they are really cool. Love the design.

Cynthia said...

These are awesome!