Wednesday, December 30, 2009

studio 10.09

studio 10.09
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We like to challenge ourselves from time to time - It keeps us on our toes, and there's nothing like healthy self-imposed competition as motivation!

We are finally, FINALLY, going to reorganize our studio for a more efficient use of space. The challenge is to get it done in 16 days. We've been in this space since May of 2002. We have *a lot* of stuff. Andy & I tend to hoard, which is why this will be a challenge :)

It wasn't until earlier this year that we realized that our current layout is awkward for what we do, and all of the different processes we go through all need dedicated space.

So...We're basically going to flip the studio around & shift some things over, all for the sake of a more productive studio environment.

We'll be building some things too, so if we can, we'll take pictures of all the different projects going on, and before and afters.

ok, go!



Anonymous said...

Your shop looks great...I wish I lived nearby. But, then I would spend too much money. Whatever happened to the diner mug?

Studio√ČLAN said...

I was sitting at the wheel today thinking about how it was a pity that I couldn't see out my new french doors from there and that my soon to be acquired pugmill will completely change my workflow. And so, I will be shifting everything in my studio in the near future too. And more shelves and rolling racks will be required, of course!
This is why fall is always such a crunch time!

anonymous julie said...

Hey guys, Sorry to clog things up with an irrelevant comment. I moved my blog and wanted to let you know for your blogroll. It's now (Site proper is now through If you use a feed aggregator, it's

Hope to see you guys at a fair this year! Not sure whether I'm applying for any, as my work has changed a lot and I've done a lot of housecleaning... we'll see. I check your etsy page from time to time and am diggin' the new stuff.

Thanks, Julie