Tuesday, April 6, 2010

open studio 2010!

open studio 2010! copy
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Greetings people!

So, there it is, our announcement for our open studio. We haven't had one (not connected to the Ravenswood Artwalk) since 2008.

We're breaking this one up into sections here - In cleaning & rearranging the studio this winter we realized we amassed A TON of ware. We're talking work from 2004 to now. Everything from cafe order overruns to patterns that didn't quite make it into production to glaze tests.

So hopefully, you'll see our evolution on these tables and partake of the sale. We'll also have our current lineup of ware on display so you can marvel at how things change (like we do every day!)

Hope to see you here!


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sara girlscantell said...

oh this makes me wish i lived in chicago so very much! (and, somehow magically, also that you guys lived in philly so you could come play at girls can tell studio, too!)