Thursday, November 8, 2007

Almost finished

WMSE outta the kiln...en masse
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It has been a weird week!
We've been streaming the WMSE broadcast while working on their order and the pledge drive has gotten me stressed out. 2 hours will go by without any pledges and then the DJ starts ratcheting it up announcing a $500 matching contribution for the next 30 minutes and the excitement starts to build as the calls come in. And when they announce that someone just pledged for a cup-I'm floored; its the same high and low feeling you bounce through while doing a show!
Thankfully the music has been great and their pledge promos are hilarious.
Back to work.


Cynthia said...

The image of all those mugs is great! I imagine that this pledge drive holds more meaning for you since a lot of your work is involved.

[nancy + andy] said...

Hey Cynthia!
We feel like we have a personal stake in the success of this drive. Most pledge drives use the standard 99 cent dye sublimation printed coffee mug and they always list them at an entry level dollar amount and kind of treat them as a joke.
WMSE is using this mug as a thank you for one of their top pledge amounts ($150 level)-it is really cool hearing the humble coffee cup elevated to a higher level!